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Equipping Your Homes to Prevent Falls

Equipping Your Homes to Prevent Falls

One reason why older adults are at fall-risk is the many age-related conditions that lead to their poor strength, balance, and vision. As a result, moving around at home and doing activities of daily living a challenge for them. Along with our home care services, Passion Home Health Services LLC helps arrange homes to prevent older adults from falling accidents. It is crucial at our home health services in Lorton, Virginia to prevent falling accidents as it may lead to serious injuries and complications.

For older adults with poor vision, changing your lightings to brighter ones can help prevent falls as they can see clearer on their way around. With the help of our caregivers in Centreville, Virginia, it is also essential to remove tripping hazards that they may miss seeing like wirings, low tables, rugs, and others.

Installing handgrips is also encouraged for older adults to hold on, especially in hazardous areas at home like bathrooms and stairs. As bathrooms get very slippery, putting shower chairs and anti-slip mats also prevent falls inside when they take a bath. Older adults with their home health aide ensure more safety when taking a bath as well as providing the necessary support.

Lastly, getting rid of clutter around at home not only gives older adults more room to move around but also gets rid of the falling hazards piled up. Our home care in Falls Church, Virginia can help them declutter as the task may be a heavy workload for them.

Calls us now if you need our assistance. Our respite care in Virginia makes sure to prevent falling accidents.

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